Hard Start Kit

Hard Start Kit

What is hard start kit?
hard start kit is designed to assist your compressor on start-up. If your inside air conditioning coil is located more than 50 feet from your outside condensing unit, you probably need a hard start kit to assist your compressor when it turns on. You see, your air conditioner works like a pump circulating the refrigerant throughout your system. The harder the pump has to work the less efficient it is and the more likely it is to break down. A hard start kit helps your air conditioner when it needs help most, when it first starts up and has to begin the pumping process. The addition of a hard start kit will extend the life of your compressor, which could save you from the high cost of a repair or replacement.


Hard Start Kit is from bakelite capacitor based on special design for single AC motor and single phase AC hest pump system.

which is installed with operational capacitor(PAS). It may increase the starting torque of motor(heat pump)Can used on all PSC.

  • single phase 120V-288V air conditioner units from 4000-120000BTU.
  • Applicable scope: Single AC heat pump system in AC circuit.
  • Operating Voltage:110-330Vac
  • Power:1/2-10HP



1) Increases starting torque up to 500%
2) Start Capacitor and Relay
3) Totally solid state integrated design
4) Fast, easy wires installation
5) Three mounting options: clip, screw, capacitor bracket
6) Individually packed
7) Applications: air conditioner,refrigerator,starting compressors

Hard Start Kit Relay and Start Capacitor


Part No.
Voltage Max
1/2—5 HP
115 – 277VAC
1/2—10 HP
115 – 277VAC

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