venezuela buy motor run capacitor motor start capacitor

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venezuela buy motor run capacitor motor start capacitor

dear staff

nin hao
we are a company located in venezuela dedicated in hvac wholesale business
we are interested in some of your capacitors cbb65 and cbb61,cd60
please contact me for further details.
CBB65     5uf         440v
CBB65     10uf        440v
CBB65     15uf        440v
CBB65     25uf        440v
CBB65     30uf        440v
CBB65     35uf        440v
CBB65     40uf        440v
CBB65     45uf        440v
CBB65     50uf        440v
CBB65     55uf        440v
CBB65     60uf        440v
CBB65     70uf        440v
CBB65     80uf        440v
CBB61      1.5uf       450v
CBB61      2.0uf       450v
CBB61      2.5uf       450v
CBB61      3.0uf       450v
CBB61      3.5uf       450v
CBB61      4.0uf       450v
CBB61      4.5uf       450v
CBB61      5.0uf       450v
CBB61     6.0uf       450v
CBB61      7.0uf       450v
CBB61      8.0uf       450v
270-324mfd /110
340-408mfd /110
400-480mfd /110
430-516mfd /110
460-552mfd /110
540-648mfd /110
590-708mfd /110
829-995mfd /110
161-193mfd /220
189-227mfd /220
233-280mfd /220
270-324mfd /220
340-408mfd /220
400-480mfd /220
460-552mfd /220
130-156mfd /330
145-174mfd /330
161-193mfd /330
189-227mfd /330
216-259mfd /330
270-324mfd /330
324-388mfd /330

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