Israel enquiry for 250V lighting capacitor

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Israel enquiry for 250V lighting capacitor

Hello ,

At the moment we are looking for alternatives for the capacitors whose datasheet is hereby attached.

The capacitors whose part numbers we are looking to have alternatives for are:

1) P/N : RI008HP040P25 ( Capacitance : 4 uF )
2) P/N: RI008HP070P25 ( Capacitance : 7 uF )
3) P/N: RI008HP070P25 ( Capacitance : 12 uF)
4) P/N: RI008HP200P25 ( Capacitance : 20 uF )
5) P/N: RI008HP350P25 ( Capacitance : 20 uF )

All of the above, as shown by the attached datasheet, need to have Terminal of cable 200 mm , and an M8 Bottom Screw.

Please have a look at the attached datasheet and send me your alternatives’ datasheets.

I would appreciate to get your alternatives’ datasheets and their corresponding prices for 5K, 10K, and 50K regarding each type.

I will appreciate your ASAP reply.

Best Regards,

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