Israel buy motor start capacitor SPP5,SPP6 and SPP8

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Israel buy motor start capacitor SPP5,SPP6 and SPP8

Dear Ningbo Zhenhai Cinco Company,

We hope you are well.

We interested to cooperate with your esteemed company on A/C Capacitors.

Pls inform us if your company also produce Motor start capacitors SAME as SPP 5,SPP 6 and SPP 8.

We attached you our company profile for your reference:

Let us introduce you to our company is a leading company in the fields of electronics, optics, air conditioning, refrigerators, and washing machines. The company was established in 1986.

Currently, the company has approximately 6,200 business clients. Within the air conditioning industry, we supply approximately 700 stores.

the company employs 44 full-time employees in Israel and has branches in Germany and Boston, MA (USA).  In addition, the company recently opened a new branch in Shenzhen, China.

the company engages in the import, export, and marketing of electronic parts for TVs(including plasma TVs and LCD TFT TVs), videos, CDs, DVDs, car radios and stereo systems,.  We sell products from a diverse range of top-quality companies like LG, AIWA, HYUNDAI, SONY, TOSHIBA, JVC, and ITT.

the company’s products pass a very thorough inspection before reaching the market.  Our products were found to be of the highest quality and standards.

The company’s electronics department includes a marketing group, a group of professional dealers, and a group of delivery personnel who provide fast and quality service.

Optics Department

In 1999, the company decided to enter the optics market.  In the context of this strategic decision, the company established a special department specializing in the areas of frames for glasses, sunglasses, and medical equipment relating to optics.

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Washing Machines and Ovens

A number of years ago, the company entered the air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine and oven markets, and today the Company sells all the electronic parts for these machines.  These parts have passed thorough inspections by worldwide standards institutions.

The company represents a number of worldwide companies. In addition, for the last five years, the company has exported electronic components overseas.


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