Zhenjiang Liwah Electrical co., Ltd

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Zhenjiang Liwah Electrical co., Ltd


Company Introduction:

Zhenjiang Liwah Electrical co., Ltd . is a Hong Kong enterprises, the former town POPULATION capacitor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. in 2007 changed its name to the town POPULATION Electric Co., Ltd., the founder of the investment of the company in 1993. The company specializes in producing metalized film capacitors and other electronic products.
From Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, Switzerland and other countries to introduce the production of capacitors, vacuum coating machines, automatic winding machine. Slitter, explosion-proof roll groove crimping machines, automatic assembly lines, pneumatic rivet welding machine, sealing machine, vacuum processing and other critical equipment. The company mainly produces metalized film capacitors, composite dielectric capacitors, power capacitors, special purpose capacitors. The products are mainly used in air conditioners, electric fans, washing machines, micro-motors, refrigerators, street lamps, power tools, microwave as well as low voltage reactive power compensation cabinet, end compensation devices, uninterruptible power supply, radar and other ancillary capacitor.
The company’s main products CBB61 CBB65A CBB80 CBB90 type capacitor has safety explosion-proof performance, excellent self-healing properties, small size, low loss characteristics. Products are sold to Guangdong Kelon, Warburg, the United States the Glanz, new fly, Qingdao Hisense, Aucma, Zhejiang Rabbit, Deer and other countries, air conditioners major manufacturers, and are exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, Canada and other places. The company has advanced means of production, strong technical force, sound quality assurance system, strict process management, so as to ensure the steady development of the product quality is stable and reliable sales market.
Leading products CBB61 CBB65A-1-type capacitor through the national CQC certification, the VDE certification in Germany and the United States UL certification, ISO9002 quality system certification in 1998.
If your products are exported to foreign countries, with the capacitance of the company, is the most sensible choice.


Business Information:

Company Name: Zhenjiang Liwah Electrical co., Ltd
Company Established: 1993
Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Product: Running Capacitor, Starter Capacitor, AC Capacitor, Lamp Capacitor etc.
Capacitor Brand: LIWAH
Country/Region: China Capacitors


Contact Information:

Company Name: Zhenjiang Liwah Electrical co., Ltd
Address Zhufang RD,Minying Industry Zone,Run Zhou,Zhenjiang City,Jiangsu,China
Zip Code 212002
Tel +86 0511-85623088
Fax +86 0511-84510856
Website: http://www.liwah.cn

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